“As a journalist, author, and music producer, I have countless deadlines, and zero time to mess with my three Macs. That’s why Steve Gustafson has been my Mac go-to guy for more than a year now–and absolutely the best computer guru I’ve ever worked with. Plus he makes house calls and fixes my computers on the spot. How cool is that?

–Lou Carlozo, personal finance correspondent, Reuters; former Chicago Tribune editor and staff writer; founder of AOL’s Money College website; music producer and studio musician


“I’m totally dependent on Steve who goes out of his way to help me out in the most expedient manner, whether in person, by email, or connecting to my computer by distance. I’ve recommended him to all my friends and as a result, all my friends are also totally dependent on him.”

Nicole Ferentz, Director of Fine Arts, Loyola University Chicago


“Steve is our go-to guy whenever we have issues with our office technology. He is extremely knowledgeable, unfailingly considerate, and dedicated. We know that if we call him in, he’s going to fix the issue, no matter how long it takes or how complicated.”

–Tim Horsburg, Kartemquin Films (“Hoop Dreams,” “No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson”)


“Steve is a gem of a guy. I know when I have a Mac problem that Steve will give me the straight news. He has helped me over the years in a number of situations get my iMac back on track, regardless of the problem. I recommend him highly as a excellent technician/problem solver and nice guy. I also like the fact that Steve makes house calls . To me he is the MacGyver of Macs.”

Tom James, Chicago-based artist 


“Steve Gustafson is completely knowledgeable, reliable and kind.  He has maintained our computer network for 2 plus years.  During that time he has been accessible to any problems or issues–he answers phone calls and e-mails promptly–and his solutions work!  He is never flustered and he never talks down to the computer illiterate that occupy our office (me!).  We highly recommend him.”

–Ann Maloy, office accounts, J&L Catering


“I could not work smoothly without Steve. He has saved my neck more than once, always with a calm and reassuring manner. Problems I can’t solve become, ‘This is a Steve.’ He never fails to get me back on track. He’s great!”

Kathy Richland Pick, photographer


“Having reliable, affordable support to operate a small business can be challenging. Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about technical support because Steve handles it all …. and it’s always a pleasure to talk with Steve.”

Patrice Ceisel, Ceisel & Associates, filmmaker


“Steve sets up my Apple equipment to run so smooth I never have to call him. On the rare occasion I do have a problem he fixes it remotely. It’s seamless! I never see him. So I ask you, who is Steve?”

–T. Richie, advertising creative


“Steve’s the MAN!”

–Mike Hagler, owner, Kingsize Sound Labs (Wilco, Neko Case, Billy Bragg)


“Steve is terrific.  He can fix everything.  I am a lawyer in solo practice.  In other words, Steve doesn’t make much money from me and probably never will.  Even though I’m likely one of his smallest clients, he always responds quickly; if I tell him its an emergency, he responds immediately.  I recommend him to every Mac owner I know.”

Jessica Tovrov, attorney


“Steve is VERY friendly, professional and efficient! He takes time to explain what he does and makes a point of keeping up on the latest developments in his ever-changing field. He reads user and technical forums so he knows what problems and solutions others have discovered. His solutions are long lasting and affordable because they’re well researched. The suppliers he recommends are also reliable and affordable. He offers free telephone support and follow up on any work he’s done. A wonderful asset to his clients!”

Marc PoKempner, photojournalist


“Steve is incredible at knowing what will work for you–professionally and personally.  He set up media storage for a 5-year documentary project while also organizing my personal photographs and documents.  He has a light touch, and always sets things up in a way that makes it possible for you to manage them yourself.  But, he’s also available whenever something doesn’t seem right.  Steve is just a great guy and great at what he does.”

–Becca Schanberg, documentary filmmaker, “Do No Harm” 


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